Friday, 8 April 2016

Flat trackers and drag bikes rip around demo hall at KICKBACK!

Steve from Redmax is bringing a fine collection of flat trackers and a drag bike up to KICKBACK next weekend!

It's always thrilling to see these bikes in the metal but to hear them getting fired up and blasting around the demo hall is going to be something else...

The demo hall will be open from 11am on Saturday 16th April, with stunt shows and show bikes being fired up and ridden around. The main hall to KICKBACK opens at 1pm on the 16th.

There will be around 100 exquisite custom made and classic based motorcycles on display and entering the National Championships of Custom Bike Building. Many of these will be fired up and blatting around!

The Redmax collection will be a big draw, providing young builders with inspiration for tracker builds as well as a source of information and chance to meet and chat with Steve Hillary.

More information is available at which is also where you can find special price advance tickets to attend.

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